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4,405 Alabamians have logged 141,872 miles


100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

The 100 Alabama Miles Challenge is proud to partner with our Ambassadors, who are helping us to spread the word about our program! You are invited to join one or more of their groups here on the website as you get your 100 miles in 2019!

100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

Dr. Olivia Affuso

Dr. Olivia Affuso is an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and an Associate Director of Public Health in the Center for Exercise Medicine. She is also a co-Director of Investigator Development in the Obesity Health Disparities Research Center. Her research focuses on the prevention of chronic disease through physical activity particularly among women and girls. She is an avid runner and adventurer, and she works to encourage others to be active and to explore the outdoors. . Dr. Affuso’s 100 Alabama Miles Challenge group is called Black Magic Trail Sisters.

100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

Bob Lujano

On January 6, 1979, Bob contracted meningococcemia, a rare form of meningitis. To save his life, all four limbs had to be amputated. Since then, Lujano's goal has been to live an independent life like everyone else. He earned his master's degree in Recreation/Sports Management, a bronze medal for quad rugby in the 2004 Paralympics, co-starred in the Academy nominated documentary Murderball, and was a guest on Larry King Live. He continues to work at the Lakeshore Foundation as an Information Specialist for the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability. He is an advocate in the area of adaptive and competitive wheelchair sports and serves as President for the United States Quad Rugby Association. He was recently named a Laureus Ambassador for Sport for Good. He is a motivational speaker and works to foster social change for inclusion in sports and activity. Bob published his autobiography, No Arms, No Legs, No Problem, in 2014.
Bob's 100 Alabama Miles Challenge group name is Team Bob Lujano.

100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

Eric Thomas

In 2012 Eric was facing serious health problems due to poor diet and inactivity. That year he decided to join Black People Run, Bike, and Swim, and ran his first 5k. Through running he started to lose weight; in turn he saw his health improve, and he never looked back. The following year he ran the Mercedes half-marathon, and in 2014 he ran the Mercedes full marathon. Eric is now a professional running coach through his business, Fit 2 Finish Strong, and he helps runners develop training programs to reach their running goals. Eric’s 100 Alabama Miles Challenge group is named BPRBSpoweredbyF2FS.

100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

Robbie Gibbons

Robbie Gibbons starred on the ABC reality TV show, Castaways, which aired in the fall of 2018. The show, which journaled the lives of 12 individuals as they tried to survive on islands in Indonesia, tested the human need for companionship under extreme circumstances. Contestants were dropped alone throughout various islets in Indonesia and challenged to survive among washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures. While they knew castaways were on islands nearby, they were unaware of how many, or their locations. Not knowing when they would be rescued, each contestant had a choice to persevere long enough to be rescued, or to quit. On the show, Robbie became known for having a positive outlook through the worst of struggle. His positive insight inspired fellow contestants to not only survive the islands, but also to meet the challenges of everyday life. Robbie started his journey weighing over 410 pounds. He survived the entire 6 weeks on the islands before being rescued. During his time on the islands, Robbie realized he needed to make a complete lifestyle change and made a commitment to himself to live a healthier life. After returning home, he was able to overcome morbid obesity by cleaning out the kitchen, and starting a regular exercise program. He has lost over 170 lbs., transforming physically, mentally, and socially, bringing balance back into his daily journey. Robbie is a coach, motivational speaker and fitness personality. He has come full circle and ignited his spark by being active, eating clean, and connecting with community! We are stronger together please join Robbie in the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge this year!
We Got This! Robbie’s 100 Alabama Miles Challenge group is called WeGotThis.

100 Alabama Miles - 2019 Ambassadors

Jerri Haslem

With over 30 years of experience in community outreach, minority health issues, public speaking, and health education. Jerri has served in several leadership roles within the Birmingham community. She is an avid spokesperson for health and fitness, creating the program 12 Weeks of Change and developing the curriculum for the Got Sugar program in collaboration with the TMCA of Greater Birmingham. She is the co-founder of the organization Black People Run, Bike, & Swim. Through her many activities, Haslem has shown an unwavering commitment to empowerment and education for all, and a strong belief that health is not a destiny, but a journey. She is an alumna of UAB, receiving a bachelor of science in Health Education.
Jerri's 100 Alabama Miles Challenge group name is BPRBSpoweredbyF2FS.