Global Statistics

7,579 Alabamians have logged 268,282 miles

The 100 Alabama Miles Challenge

The 100 Alabama Miles Challenge is a statewide program driven by collaboration and shared resources. The Challenge will help you make a plan, earn electronic badges, connect with others and track progress throughout the year.

The Challenge’s website hosts all of the tools and resources you will need to participate.
You can find and enjoy the following activities through the Challenge’s website:

  • Plan Your Next Trip: We have great guidelines on how to become active, stay safe, and what to bring with you on your outing. We also provide great resources for finding a trail destination that’s just right for you.
  • Have Free Fun: If you’re looking for an activity to do on your own, with a friend or with a group, look no further! Participation in the Challenge is free, fun and open to everyone.
  • Track Your Progress: Easily log your miles and places visited on our website. The tracking platform records the progress you have made toward your goal of 100 Alabama miles and where you’ve been on your journey.
  • Use Our Resource Library: You can use our website as a go-to resource for information on everything related to the Challenge, including links to trails, groups to join, wellness information, community events and the latest updates. Everything will be available in one place.
  • Collect Badges & Compete: Earn electronic badges each time you reach a new milestone during the Challenge, including miles achieved, iconic parks and nature preserves you have visited, and events in which you have participated. Compete with friends, family members and co-workers to collect the most badges!
  • Connect with Others: Connect with friends, neighbors and groups through the Challenge’s social media platforms. As you work to achieve 100 miles of activity, you also will build lasting relationships with people across our state.
  • Take Care of Your Mind and Body: Being active – especially outdoors – has a wealth of benefits for your mind and body. The Challenge is a great way to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle!