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She Has Legs & She Knows How to Use Them: Ambassador Spotlight on Angelean Foster-Bibb

We love spotlighting our awesome 100 Alabama Miles ambassadors. Here’s the latest post from Angelean Foster-Bibb on her fitness journey.

Place of Birth: Born in Birmingham, AL

Residence: Fairfield, AL

Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse from Cooper Green Mercy Hospital

Career Goal: Ironman Competitors for Major Companies/Businesses

Hobbies: Swimming, cycling, running, hot yoga, golfing bowling, hiking, and tennis

My goal is to continue to be a life coach, an influential example for what a motivated individual can accomplish.

My Fitness: 

Since I was ten years old, I have always been active and concerned about my weight, figure, and how I would look in my attire. Being obese, out of shape, on all kinds of meds, and having multiple M.D. appointments are not where I wanted to be in life if I didn't have to be. Now that I am presently 58 years old and a seven-year breast cancer survivor diagnosed after my annual mammogram, stage 2, that has still not changed. Being diagnosed with breast cancer made me zero in even more on my fitness goals, lifestyle, being active, and having a healthy nutritious diet.

I remember playing tennis competitively; I would run and jog to enhance my fitness level. I constantly monitored my diet because what we ingest is 70-80% of the problem. Throughout the years, I found out that I was at my best when I remained active, consistently working out, hiking, and weight training of some sort. My hobbies became a way of life for me. It's like saying my prayers, bathing, or even brushing my teeth. I feel great, motivated, revived, and so full of life after a single workout activity. It could be sixty minutes of hot yoga in 105-degree temp, a run, a swim, tennis, or even golfing. On the other hand, if I go for an extended period (more than 3+ days) without being active, I feel sluggish, lazy, and out of sorts from being inactive.

Throughout the years, I've kept adding new sport activities like bowling in a league, running 5ks, 10ks and marathons also golfing and competing in triathlons. My next goal is competing in a full Ironman, maybe IM Chattanooga in May 2022, depending on the COVID-19 pandemic.

I'm truly excited about this adventure in which the benefits of training, being active certainly outweighs the risk of not being active. My desire and wish for mankind is to stay alive, alert, and active. Keep it moving, stay active, go after your #100ALMILES and get after it by all means.