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Three Great Apps For Logging and Enjoying Your 100 Alabama Miles Challenge

Technology is everywhere now, including almost every aspect of the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge. Not only do you need technology to record your miles, but you’re also likely using it to find the best trails and tell all your friends. Here are three of our top apps for your phone that will make logging your miles easier and more enjoyable.


There are countless tracking/recording apps out there for logging your miles during the Challenge. But few are more widely popular or used than Strava. This social fitness app is designed to track a variety of activities, from walking and running, to cycling, swimming, and paddling. Using the GPS on your phone or watch, Strava will record your distance, time, route, and even photos you take during the activity. What makes Strava so popular though is the way that it connects you with other users. Through its Clubs feature, it will connect users with similar goals and interests. This allows users to be encouraged and motivated by their peers. What a great way to share in the fun!


If you’re looking to get “out there” for your miles, look no further than AllTrails. This app is the ultimate must-have for all things trails. It will help you locate the perfect singletrack based on level of difficulty or distance, and even tell you what you might see along your hike, run, or ride. Users can browse through geotagged photos in order to know what they might encounter. AllTrails offers a free version, but upgrading to the paid model allows users to download maps for offline use if cell service isn’t available. It can even provide real-time tracking with alerts so your friends and family will know you’re safe and enjoying the great outdoors.


This next app might seem less obvious for Challenge participants focused on logging miles. But the photo/video sharing app Instagram is a great tool for any participant. With the use of hashtags like #100ALMILES, Challenge participants can follow each other and create a visual community. Instagram allows users to be creative with their pursuit for 100 miles while also supporting others through “likes” and comments on shared photos and videos. What better way to find a great place to log you miles than through an app that lets you see all the stunning trails, lakes, rivers, and roads in our beautiful state!

Is there a favorite app you’d like other Challengers to know about? Let us know in the comments so we can feature it!

Greg Wingo is the manager of the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge Ambassador Program and owner of ROAM Projects, an outdoor recreation consulting company.

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