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100 Alabama Miles: Go Explore

What does it me to Go Explore? Last month we dug into “Be Active.” Now, let’s dive into the meaning behind “Go Explore.”  Alabama really deserves its title of “Alabama the Beautiful,” but many visitors and residents never get out and see how truly diverse and beautiful our state is. We want to help Alabamians discover all the wonders our state has to offer.

Teeming with Life

Alabama ranks fifth out of all states in total biodiversity. Biodiversity is the number of plant and animal species that live in an area; over 4,500 different species of plants and animals live here! In fact, the only reason we aren’t first is because of the large western states like California and Texas.

How do we have so many different types of plants and animals to discover? Thanks to our many different types of ecosystems: Alabama houses 25 forests and woodlands, 11 wetlands, 7 glades and prairies, as well as over 132,000 miles of rivers and streams that support abundant aquatic life.

A Way to See the Beauty Around You

So how do you get out there and see all the wonders the landscape of Alabama has to offer?

Alabama has 4 national forests, 12 National Park administered locations, 11 national wildlife refuges, 23 US Corps of Engineer Parks, over 90,000 acres of recreational TVA land, 4 state forests, 46 Forever Wild tracts to navigate, and hundreds of publicly accessible local parks and nature preserves across the state. Furthermore, there are 22 incredible state parks all across Alabama! You can see the strong geological history in the depths of the Cathedral Caverns State Park or relax in cool breeze of the sea at the Gulf State Park. You can see beautiful waterfalls in Chewacla State Park or Desoto State Park, or hike mountains in Buck’s Pocket. And that’s not even half!

Once a month the 100 Alabama Miles hosts a 2 mile walk through one of these beautiful parks! So come explore with us!

As you can see, Alabama really hosts an incredible amount of options when it comes to exploring nature. But what if you are looking for a different type of exploration? What if you want to explore and learn about more than just the nature of the beautiful state but about the history and science behind the state?

Well Alabama is the place for you! Alabama has dozens of museums ranging from art, science, history, and civil rights. There are 38 historic landmarks, each important reminders of the strides Alabama have made throughout its history. Moreover, famous locales like the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument and the Selma to Montgomery National Trail are great to teach and learn the history of Alabama

Alabama has so many different paths to explore, from our history, to our ecology, everything is waiting just outside your door. You can learn about your state, and hopefully learn more about yourself along the way!

Be Active. Go Explore. Connect with others. To 100 Alabama miles, and many more.

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