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7,029 Alabamians have logged 240,984 miles

Four Great Running Groups Around The State

Running in Alabama can be quite fun with all the miles of asphalt and trail available. It’s even more enjoyable when others join in. 

Here are four of our top running groups around the state that you can join for great runs and fantastic comradery.

We Run Huntsville

One of the best ways to meet new people while logging your miles is through an established running group. In North Alabama, We Run Huntsville is the organization bringing many different runs together. Group runs of all different speeds, locations, distances, and levels of intensity take place each week. Best of all, We Run Huntsville has a great calendar on their website so you can properly plan out each of your runs! They even include other activities such as cycling, swimming, and hiking. It’s the perfect place to find your ideal group!

Birmingham Ultra Trail Society

If you’re looking for a group that’s focused on all things trails, look no further than the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society (BUTS). The mission of BUTS is to “promote, support and grow the local trail community through service, events, and races while creating fun, safe, and happy trails.” With a following of over 2,700 on Facebook and several weekly group runs, BUTS is the perfect group for all levels of trail runners. One of the things that makes the group so unique is the desire to foster a community outside of the trails as well. BUTS organizes outings to the local minor league baseball games and even has its own monthly book club. It’s a great all-around group for hitting the trails and relaxing with a drink after!

Gadsden Runners Club

Running groups often primarily focus on adult runners, but one of the benefits of joining the Gadsden Runners Club is the variety of divisions and programs within the club. One such program is the summer kids running initiative. The program runs weekly during the summer months and provides a great outlet for kids to learn the ins and outs of running. The Gadsden Runners Club also includes a trail team division and a group specifically for women. All these different sections of the club make it one of the most well-rounded groups in the state.

Bay Area Runners

At the bottom of the state, you’ll find the Bay Area Runners (BAR). BAR is a running group located in the Mobile/Baldwin County area offering several different weekly runs. Additionally, they are well-known for organizing the Joe Cain Classic 5k Run on Joe Cain Day during the Mardi Gras season. Meetup runs occur in Mobile and on the Eastern Shore, so there’s opportunities for seeing multiple areas around the bay. And the best part is that they end their routes at a local restaurant in order to refuel and chat about the run together! 

Did we miss highlighting your running group? Let us know in the comments so we can feature you too!

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