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100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassadors

The 100 Alabama Miles Challenge is proud to partner with our Ambassadors, who are helping us to spread the word about our program! You are invited to join one or more of their groups here on the website as you get your 100 miles in 2021!

100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassador Angelean Foster Bibb

Angelean Foster Bibb

Angelean Foster Bibb retired in 2012 after a 25-year career as a Registered Nurse (specialty surgery). She is a fitness enthusiast and an avid triathlete, golfer, bowler, and tennis player. Currently, she is a Yoga and hot Pilates instructor at Kiva Hot Yoga in Vestavia Hills and an assistant with fitness camps and challenges (#IAMBHAM) in the Birmingham Metro area. Angelean is a Christian, loves people, and is a breast cancer survivor. She is a resident of Fairfield, Alabama.

100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassador Cody Hood

Cody Hood

Husband, father, occupational therapist assistant, and outdoor lover. I love getting people outdoors and helping them any way I can. Biking, hiking, kayaking, and camping are some of my favorite activities. I encourage everyone to, Get Outdoors!

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100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassador Bob Lujano

Bob Lujano

On January 6, 1979, Bob contracted meningococcemia, a rare form of meningitis. To save his life, all four limbs had to be amputated. Since then, Lujano's goal has been to live an independent life like everyone else. He earned his master's degree in Recreation/Sports Management, a bronze medal for quad rugby in the 2004 Paralympics, co-starred in the Academy nominated documentary Murderball, and was a guest on Larry King Live. He continues to work at the Lakeshore Foundation as an Information Specialist for the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability. He is an advocate in the area of adaptive and competitive wheelchair sports and serves as President for the United States Quad Rugby Association. He was recently named a Laureus Ambassador for Sport for Good. He is a motivational speaker and works to foster social change for inclusion in sports and activity. Bob published his autobiography, No Arms, No Legs, No Problem, in 2014.

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Team Bob Lujano

100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassador K. Shantel

K. Shantel

K. Shantel is a Mississippi native and a University of Mississippi graduate who currently resides in Birmingham, AL. Entrepreneurship, modeling, fitness, advocacy, and nail artistry only scratch the surface of the crowns she wears. She works to promote inclusivity in the media through fashion and entertainment. She has been featured in publications such as The DailyMail, Right This Minute, Sheen Magazine, Ipush Magazine, B-Metro Magazine, Voyage ATL, and much more. Her main passion is showing just how much representation matters by being that representation for and with people with disabilities. She not only hopes to inspire but influence others to live their most authentic life.

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100 Alabama Miles - 2021 Ambassador Dan Truitt

Dan Truitt

Being born in Decatur, Alabama, Dan has always been around the waters of the Tennessee River and the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. He fell in love with canoeing as young kid going on paddle trips with his church youth group. But as time progressed he visited the water less and less. As an adult, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle led to his weight peaking at over 300lbs. With an exercise regimen and improved diet, the pounds came off and he began enjoying outdoor activities again. But when he floated the Flint River in Huntsville, Alabama, one Saturday he rediscovered his passion: paddling. Now Dan is on the water every chance he gets, year round. Whether it’s watching the sun set on the river, observing wildlife or simply taking a day trip with friends, paddling provides both physical and mental health improvement. Dan shares his kayaking adventures on social media through his Southern Paddler accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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